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Lilu’s Garden’s patent-pending, water based, Aqueous Extraction technology provides Lilu’s with the ability to provide the industry with unparalleled clean, green and solvent free hemp extract and isolated cannibinoids. Large scale hemp processing and cannabinoid extraction requires large scale partners in genetics, planting, farming and harvesting. Lilu’s is committed to supporting our partners in every way possible, including sharing expertise, data analytics mechanized farming and harvesting, and data access through a real-time seed to sale tracking portal.

Toll Processing

Patent-Pending Aqueous Extraction: The Lilu’s Difference

Lilu’s Garden operates perhaps the largest hemp processing facility in the USA. A 175,000 sq. ft. a facility that can store in excess of 20,000,000 lbs. of hemp at any time and can process an excessive amount of biomass per day. This cGMP facility has on premises a fully operational QA/QC analytical laboratory that can process over 800 samples a day and is fully licensed as a testing facility by the State of Kentucky Department of Agriculture.


Lilu’s Garden has developed flexible and innovative ways to partner with farmers interested in increasing the value of their hemp crop. Lilu’s can assist in the sale of processed hemp derivative and provide an array of flexible, farmer friendly options to make the choice of a tolling arrangement as simple as possible. Similar arrangements can be made with investors who finance biomass and are interested in converting that biomass into salable product.


To facilitate the ongoing monitoring of various arrangements between Lilu’s Garden and its customers, a custom dashboard has been built into our proprietary operating system to provide transactional transparency, allowing our toll processing customers to track their biomass from Lilu’s facility step by step through the processing line to end product and shipping, building confidence and co-operation in the relationship.

Formulation Support

True Synergy with the Industry

With the extraordinary challenges any new industry brings, Lilu’s Garden understands and will go to great lengths to assist our customers in trying to determine which of our products will work best with their vision and plans. Lilu’s dedicated team of chemists and formulation experts are available to support our product manufacturing partners and customers to create customized CBD and CBN Isolate, multi-spectrum oil and water soluble formulations to meet your product needs.

Breeding/Seeding Program

Hemp Seed Breeding

In 2018, Lilu’s Garden accumulated in excess of 5 billion seeds to contribute and distribute to our farming partners program throughout US. At the center of Lilu’s plan and program to bring global hemp production to industry scale is our genetics/seed breeding program. Our plant breeding program focuses on providing in a consistent and quality manner high cannabidiol (CBD), and other non-THC cannabinoid varieties such as cannabigerol (CBG), while maintaining strict compliance with Federal regulations and States Departments of Agriculture rules and regulations.


Lilu’s has learned that genetics, breeding, germination and propagation are the backbone in our effort to bring hemp production globally to scale. In learning that the location, climate, and terrain of each farm will drive genetics and seed choice, Lilu’s relies not only on internal research & development, but on collaborative breeding and data accumulation to make “best choices” before each year’s planting and harvest. Our hemp breeding program leverages new technologies and breeding partnerships to develop, test, and deploy “smart” seeds, products and tools to support large scale hemp production.

Agriculture Support: Become a Lilu’s Garden Farming Partner

Turn-Key Farming Solutions


Lilu’s fully recognizes and appreciates that without our nationwide network of farming partners our goals and aspirations could not be attained. The mission relative to our farmers is to assist in each and every ways possible to make our combined effort to bring the production of hemp and its derivatives to industrial scale in as easily and cost effective manner as possible. To that end, we have assembled a wide array of farming services and SOP’s designed to ease the transition into hemp while mitigating the potential problems and pitfalls through participating in the Lilu’s Advantage Agriculture Support Program.


Lilu’s Garden can provide the following and more;
• Genetics & Seeds
• Planting Services
• Harvesting Services
• Joint Venture Opportunities
• Farm for Cash Services
• and More…..

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