The Lilu’s Advantage

The core of Lilu’s Garden’s operation is its Research and Development team, consisting of geneticists, chemists, chemical engineers, process engineers and staff. Lilu’s Garden and its innovationive team have developed new and effective processes and equipment that have helped forge the way to creating a system operational to true industrial scale. Lilu’s Garden’s drive to innovate and achieve industry scale has led the team to develop several unique pieces of equipment as well as processes and agricultural SOP’s that have and will drive the hemp industry forward on an industry wide basis.


Lilu’s crowning achievement, is its patent pending Aqueous Extraction system that provides a pure, clean, safe and efficient solution for large scale CBD and hemp derivative production. Lilu’s can process dry and wet hemp. The ability to process wet hemp reduces costs across all aspects of farming, logistics and processing. We feel it will likely change the landscape of the hemp industry for years to come.

Aqueous Extraction Scaled to Meet Global Demand

Patent-Pending Aqueous Extraction

Times are changing for the hemp industry with the passage of the 2018 farm bill. Lilu’s Garden is scaled to meet the newly created global demand and has already contracted some of the largest and well known companies on the planet to be their exclusive supplier. These and companies like them need a GMP manufacturer that can provide consistency of both the quality and supply of hemp derivative products and Lilu’s delivers on both.


Lilu’s Garden’s ability to perform at a global scale while providing the necessary consistency stems for some of the remarkable innovations that it has created, like its patent pending Aqueous Extraction process. The question has been posed as to why anyone would use ethanol or a super critical CO2 process when you could just use water and the answer is, simply put, you wouldn’t. The reason that water is not readily available as a normal solvent is that, a water processing system does not exist in this space but for the system that Lilu’s has developed. It took some of the brightest minds spanning out over a broad spectrum of disciplines and in excess of $50,000,000.00 to create it and Lilu’s Garden holds its complexities close to its vest.


Lilu’s Aqueous Extraction process is as versatile as it is immense in scale and can process hemp of all varieties. Whether that be low potency or high, milled or whole plant, pelletized, decarboxylated or not, we are able to process hemp with the efficiency and speed that the industry demands and are scaled to meet the demands tomorrow will bring. Water is the source of all life on this planet and its use to extract the beneficial molecules of the hemp plant provide the cleanest derivatives available on the market today. There are never any residual solvents like Butane or Ethanol because they are simply not used in our process.


Lilu’s Garden’s flagship hemp derivatives production facility in Owenton, KY is a massive 175,000 sq. ft. and sits on 20 acres of well-manicured grounds with out buildings for storage and training. This facility, can store in excess of 10,000,000 lbs. of hemp at any given time and can process an excessive amount of isolated CBD and other minor cannabinoids per day. The cGMP facility has a fully operational QA/QC analytical laboratory that can process over 800 samples in any given day and is fully licensed as a testing facility by the great state of Kentucky.

Vertical Hemp Farming

Envision the Future of Expanded Hemp Farming

The innovations Lilu’s Garden has created allow for huge advantages at the farm, as well.  Scale and the use of water, simplify numerous farming issues.  High potency CBD hemp has been the most highly sought after by traditional processors because they can only process small amounts of the plant. Until now, the only way to increase output of finished derivative is to increase the potency of the input material.  This has traditionally put a strain on farmers who have been forced to purchase very expensive feminized seed or clones and rely heavily on expensive manual labor.  These and other high costs associated with this specialty type of farming drives prices up and hinders the industries ability to scale.  If Lilu’s Garden adopted this type of farming, Lilu’s 2019 planting alone would cost an estimated $1 Billion and would be unmanageable.


Harvest is arguably the most difficult time in the hemp farming industry.  Traditional farmers are forced to hand harvest, hang dry and then shuck the flower material from the stems.  This is an enormous undertaking at any scale but becomes an insurmountable task when attempting to achieve true industrial scale.  Lilu’s Garden’s innovations, reduce management issues and costs by allowing for streamlined farming,  mechanized harvesting and removing the need for drying and shucking.  There is no need to remove water, if you are only going to put the material back into water.  That simple, logical reality saves hundreds of thousands of dollars on a relatively small 150-acre farm.  The savings industry-wide are staggering.


Lilu’s innovations have provided a pathway to scale.  By allowing for less potent material to be grown, the process allows farmers to plant seeds at a higher volume per acre and manage fields in a similar fashion to corn.  By allowing for a mechanical harvest and removing the need for drying and shucking, farmers can operate with limited manpower and increased efficiency.  Costs are fractional, management becomes efficient and true scale becomes achievable.


Lilu’s Garden works with farmers nationwide to assist in the operating standard operating procedures and genetics, provides planting and harvesting services and participates in joint-ventures. The versatility of Lilu’s process allows the company to be incredibly flexible and focused on our mission of leading the pathway to true scale on the field and off.

Genetics Program

Hemp Seed Breeding

The Lilu’s Garden hemp breeding program utilizes new technologies and breeding partnerships to develop and deploy seeds adapted to meet demand.  The company understands genetics, breeding, germination and propagation and that the location, climate and terrain of each farm should be considered to determine genetic choices.  Lilu’s Garden is focused on maximizing yields and creating efficiencies wherever possible. With more than 5 Billion seeds in its possession, Lilu’s provides the ability to select the right seed for individual farms. Further as the industry’s understanding of genetics evolves, so will Lilu’s ability to cultivate hemp strains focused on specific cannabinoids and designed for individual farming and environmental conditions.  In addition to providing genetics that are sustainable in alternative climates and regulatory environments, Lilu’s also focuses on creating efficiencies in farming practices and has created customizable standard operating procedures that consider the use of customized farming equipment and tools designed to defend against weeds, insects, disease and pollination.  Farmer’s around the world make multiple decisions each day on how to best protect their crop and Lilu’s will continue to invest time and resources into solving problems that the industry faces.