QA / QC (Quality Assurance / Quality Control)

Lilu’s commitment to quality and compliance is evidenced by its fully functional and versatile QA/QC department.  Our Kentucky facility is a fully licensed analytical testing lab operating under cGMP practices, which uses a wide array of analytical equipment including HPLC, LCMS, GCMS as well as mobile HPLC’s for field use.  We are  able to test for cannabinoid potency, microbials, heavy metals and terpene profiles and are able to process over 800 samples per day.   Among the products tested are incoming hemp, in process materials at various check points and of course our finished products.


Lilu’s Garden has a proprietary operating system that tracks all material from the seed that was planted to the farm and location on that farm, all the way through processing and the final finished derivative product. This operating software also tracks all equipment, customer relation management and seed to sale tracking with a dedicated QA/QC team focused on consistent and reliable ingredients, process flow, regulatory changes, tracking and analyzing valuable data designed to consistently improve product compliance procedures from breeding to farming to processing to finished product.